What is Tele-Physiotherapy?

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Tele-physiotherapy, or online physiotherapy, has expanded the reach of physiotherapeutic care, making it accessible to a broader range of patients. This form of therapy is suitable for individuals seeking professional guidance for pain management, rehabilitation post-injury or surgery, and those needing advice on exercise and movement. It may be particularly beneficial for those who have mobility issues or time constraints that make in-person visits challenging. Eligibility for tele-physiotherapy typically includes patients with non-emergency conditions who can safely perform exercises and follow advice remotely, under the guidance of a qualified physiotherapist.

Benefits of Online Physiotherapy Consultations

The shift towards digital healthcare has introduced online physiotherapy as a versatile and convenient alternative to traditional clinic visits. In Singapore’s urban landscape, where time is a premium and convenience is key, virtual physiotherapy sessions offer significant advantages.

In a bustling city-state like Singapore, online physiotherapy offers a practical solution for those juggling busy schedules or for whom travelling to a clinic is challenging. This mode of therapy eliminates commuting time, which is particularly beneficial in a densely populated urban setting. It's ideal for working professionals, elderly patients, or individuals with mobility restrictions, providing access to physiotherapy services right from their homes or offices.
Online physiotherapy sessions are highly personalised, focusing on the specific needs and conditions of each patient. During a virtual session, the therapist can tailor their approach to address individual concerns, be it a new injury, a chronic condition, or post-surgical rehabilitation. This customisation extends to creating exercise programs and offering advice that suits the patient's home environment, ensuring that the treatment plan is both practical and effective in a non-clinical setting.
While virtual physiotherapy does not involve hands-on treatment, it effectively employs other strategies for pain management. Techniques such as guided exercises, self-mobilisation, and educational advice play a crucial role in managing and reducing pain. These methods can be particularly effective for chronic conditions, where self-management and consistent exercise regimens are key. Moreover, virtual consultations can facilitate continuous monitoring and adjustment of pain management strategies, often reducing the reliance on pain medication.
The flexibility of online physiotherapy makes it a safe option, especially during times like lockdowns or for those with health conditions that make leaving home risky. It allows patients to continue their rehabilitation process without interruption, maintaining the consistency crucial for effective recovery. The adaptability of virtual sessions means they can be scheduled around the patient's lifestyle, offering a balance between treatment and other daily commitments.

One of the overarching goals of virtual physiotherapy is to empower patients in their own care. By actively participating in their treatment through virtual sessions, patients develop a better understanding of their condition and learn techniques to manage it effectively. This empowerment leads to a more proactive approach to health, encouraging patients to take control of their recovery and maintain the benefits of physiotherapy in the long term.

How Does Online Physio Work?

Online physiotherapy streamlines the rehabilitation process, starting from the moment a patient schedules their session. Using a user-friendly online booking system, patients can select a physiotherapist who aligns with their specific needs and schedule appointments at their convenience. This initial step is crucial in establishing a connection between the patient and the therapist, even before the first virtual meeting. 

In the first session, the physiotherapist conducts an in-depth virtual assessment. This step is much more than just a conversation; it’s an exploration of the patient’s medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle and rehabilitation goals. It allows the physiotherapist to gain a holistic understanding of the patient’s condition and forms the foundation for a personalised treatment plan. 

The treatment plan, developed during or after this initial assessment, is bespoke and multifaceted. It comprises exercises and activities that are feasible for the patient to perform at home, considering any space or equipment constraints. This plan is not static; it is reviewed and refined in subsequent sessions based on the patient’s progress and feedback. 

What to Expect for Online Physiotherapy

A virtual physiotherapy session is a dynamic and interactive process. It begins with a thorough conversation that delves deep into the patient’s medical and injury history and understands their daily routines and long-term health aspirations. This comprehensive dialogue is crucial for customising the treatment.

The physical examination, conducted through a video call, is an adaptive process where the physiotherapist guides the patient through specific movements. This interactive approach helps in accurately assessing muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It’s a collaborative effort, with the patient actively participating and providing feedback throughout the assessment.

Based on the collected information, the physiotherapist formulates a diagnosis and crafts a detailed treatment plan. This plan is more than a set of exercises; it’s a roadmap to recovery, including self-management techniques and lifestyle adjustments. Regular follow-up sessions ensure the plan remains effective and responsive to the patient’s evolving needs, facilitating a holistic and progressive path to recovery.

Choosing Benchmark Physio for Tele-Physiotherapy

Benchmark Physio stands at the forefront of integrating technology with personalised healthcare, offering advanced tele-physiotherapy services that cater to the diverse needs of our patients in Singapore. Embracing the digital transformation in healthcare, our online physiotherapy consultations are crafted to match the depth and effectiveness of our in-clinic sessions, ensuring no compromise in the quality of care.

We recognise, however, that certain services necessitate in-person attendance for optimal results. Procedures like sports massages, which require hands-on techniques, are conducted at our physiotherapy centre in Singapore. For patients requiring such treatments, our clinic environment is equipped to provide a safe, hygienic, and welcoming setting, ensuring a continuation of the quality care experienced in our online sessions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Online Physio

    Online physiotherapy sessions at Benchmark Physio are conducted via secure video conferencing platforms that ensure privacy and ease of communication. During the session, your physiotherapist will first discuss your medical history, current symptoms, and treatment goals. This discussion is vital for tailoring the session to your specific needs. Following this, the physiotherapist will guide you through a series of assessments to evaluate your condition. This might include observing your movements, range of motion, and functional tasks. Based on the assessment, the physiotherapist will demonstrate and guide you through personalised exercises and provide advice on managing your condition. The session is interactive, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments to ensure the exercises are performed correctly and effectively.
    For your online physiotherapy session, it's advisable to have a clear, safe space to move around freely. While specific equipment isn't always necessary, having items like a yoga mat, a chair, or a towel can be helpful for certain exercises. If specific equipment like resistance bands or weights is required, your physiotherapist will inform you in advance. It’s also a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Ensure your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) has a stable internet connection, a working camera, and microphone for effective communication during the session.

    After a tele-physiotherapy session, Benchmark Physio provides comprehensive follow-up support to ensure continuous care and effective recovery. This support includes regular check-ins via phone or video calls to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Patients also receive personalised exercise programmes with detailed instructions and, if needed, video demonstrations. Additionally, we offer email support for any queries or concerns that may arise between sessions. Our aim is to maintain an open line of communication, ensuring you feel supported and guided throughout your rehabilitation journey.

    Yes, at Benchmark Physio, we offer the flexibility to switch between online and in-person sessions, depending on your needs and preferences. If your condition requires hands-on treatment or if you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can opt for in-clinic physiotherapy sessions. We ensure a seamless transition between online and in-person care, maintaining continuity in your treatment plan.