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How Older Adults Can Benefit from Physiotherapy in Singapore

Ageing may come with various physical conditions that can affect your overall quality of life. When this happens, visiting a physiotherapy centre in Singapore can be beneficial. With physiotherapy, you can receive personalised care that can help you maintain your ability to function physically and remain independent longer. If you’re experiencing chronic pain or other physical conditions, a physiotherapist can help you address these issues, too.

Common Conditions That a Physiotherapist Can Help You With

When you visit a healthcare professional for your chronic pain or other musculoskeletal issue, one of the options to help manage your symptoms is physiotherapy. When you schedule an appointment at a physiotherapy centre in Singapore, they may be able to help address the following conditions:

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that involves the swelling and tenderness of your joints (which include the elbow, shoulder, hip and knee among others). Symptoms include joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. The most common kind of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is characterised by wear-and-tear damage to a joint’s cartilage.

By getting physiotherapy for your arthritis, you can enhance your mobility, strength, and range of motion. A physio can also provide you with advice on how to attain good posture and inform you of body mechanics in standing, sitting, bending, reaching, and lifting so that you can preserve your joints and lessen your arthritis symptoms.

2. Knee Pain

Arthritis and other joint-related conditions can bring about knee pain in older adults. Should you be experiencing knee pain, a physiotherapist can also help in advising appropriate treatment to manage your symptoms. Generally, modalities that help in managing knee pain may involve a combination of exercises, manual therapy, and remedies, such as the application of cold compresses or leveraging heat therapy. Physiotherapists can also show you proper posture and other good body mechanics like proper alignment and movement patterns to help prevent future knee injuries.

Knee Pain

3. Back Pain

Another common condition that affects older adults is back pain, notably lower back pain. Constant back pain can be debilitating and can affect your quality of life. If you are experiencing constant low back pain, you can turn to a physio to help with symptom management. Physiotherapy for low back pain can also involve manual therapy and tailored exercises that suit your condition and lifestyle. The goal is to help improve your flexibility, strengthen the muscles in your back, and address your pain so you can live an optimal quality of life. Should you want more insight into physiotherapy for low back pain, you can check out our previous blog.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Older Adults

Older adults can gain numerous benefits from getting physiotherapy in Singapore, including:

  • Addressing Your Pain: Physiotherapy can help address the symptoms of chronic conditions, including pain and inflammation. Physiotherapists will use different modalities and advice on the appropriate modalities and therapeutic exercises to promote relief from musculoskeletal pain and improve your quality of life.
  • Improved Mobility:Through various exercises and techniques, physiotherapy can Whether you have a physical injury or you simply want to maintain your ability to do daily tasks in the long run, a physiotherapist can help you.
  • Fall Prevention: Falls can lead to severe injuries or even disabilities in older adults. With physiotherapy, you can enhance your balance, coordination, and strength to reduce the risk of fall accidents.
  • Better Breathing: If you develop a lung condition, certain physiotherapy techniques can help with your breathing and respiratory function.

What Older Adults Should Look for in a Physiotherapy Clinic

When seeking physiotherapy, you must look for professionals that meet your unique needs and preferences. These are the factors to consider when searching for a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore:

    • Experienced Staff: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a physiotherapy centre is the staff. The clinic must have experienced and licensed staff that provides safe and effective care.
    • Personalised Symptom Management: Look for a clinic that delivers a person-centred approach to physiotherapy. That way, you can ensure that they are capable of addressing your specific needs and helping you with your wellness goals.
    • Convenient Location: A clinic that is conveniently located can make it easier for you to attend appointments and stick to your wellness plans.
    • Home Physiotherapy: When it comes to rehabilitation and wellness, accessibility and comfort are paramount. For older adults facing mobility challenges or those who prefer the familiarity of their own space, home physiotherapy emerges as an invaluable solution. This specialised service involves skilled therapists who go the extra mile—literally—by traveling to your home, ensuring that you receive the care you need right at your doorstep.

Why Choose Benchmark Physio as Your Physiotherapy Clinic?

At Benchmark Physio, we specialise in various therapeutic approaches for musculoskeletal conditions and sports physiotherapy. Moreover, our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is dedicated to helping older adults improve their mobility, reduce pain, and maintain independence. We use a holistic and person-centred approach to address your unique health needs. Schedule an appointment or contact our team to learn more about our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore.

Meet Our Physiotherapist

This article is written by Ng Hong Kai, our Clinic Director and Chief Physiotherapist

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Clinic Director and Chief Physiotherapist​​

  • Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal), Curtin University (Australia)
  • Master of Physiotherapy, University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sports Science), University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Member of Australian College of Physiotherapists and Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Full registration with Allied Health Professions Council, Singapore, and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • GEMt Certified Dry Needling Practitioner

Hong Kai has been practising musculoskeletal physiotherapy for more than a decade. He is the first Singaporean to achieve dual credentials as both an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and a tertiary trained Exercise Scientist.

Hong Kai's broad and extensive skillset allows him to create solutions that are simple, effective and tailored to a client’s musculoskeletal needs. His beliefs in continuing education and self improvement led him to complete his Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal), where he had a chance to participate in formal research into knee osteoarthritis under the supervision of world renowned researcher and physiotherapist Prof Peter 0′ Sullivan. 

Hong Kai has experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, with a specific focus on addressing lower back, neck, shoulder and knee pain.